How God Reveals His Will to Us

Mar 16, 2020

‘...Did not our heart burn within us...’Luke 24:32 NKJV

Look at the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and you’ll discover how God speaks to us and gives us direction. They thought when they saw the death of Jesus that was the end. Fearful and disillusioned, they packed their bags and headed for home, when suddenly Jesus appeared to them. How does the Lord reveal His will to us? The simplicity of the process may surprise you.

First, through others. The travellers’ first mistake was to disregard the words of their fellow disciples. ‘...Today some women among us amazed us. Early this morning they went to the tomb, but they did not find His body there. They came and told us… Jesus was alive!’ (Luke 24:22–23 NCV) God still works that way. He still speaks to us through others. That’s why you need to attend church regularly and build relationships that strengthen you.

Second, through Scripture. ‘...Starting with what Moses and all the prophets had said about Him, Jesus began to explain everything that had been written about Himself in the Scriptures.’ (Luke 24: 27 NCV) Their second mistake was ignoring the Word of God and listening to their fears. Are you doing that? God still speaks through His Word; the answers you need are in your Bible.

Third, through our heart’s desire. ‘They said to each other, “It felt like a fire burning in us when Jesus talked to us.”...’ God reveals His will to us by giving us a burning desire. What fuels and focuses you? The poor? the sick? Forgotten orphans? Whatever it is—listen to the fire within you!

SoulFood: Gen 50, Haggai 1–2, Matt 23:1–12, Ps 115, Pro 8:1–3
The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright ©

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